About Me

I began my journey as a woman entrepreneur a few years back and found that piloting my business was intimidating and scary to start with. It is an isolating process to set up your business, dealing with everyday challenges and making your business a success. There were no guides or tutorials that would help me ease into the process and that is when I decided to create a blog and post my experiences and share them with other women entrepreneurs.

I figured the best way would be to create an online community that can help each other out, tackle our problems by sharing our knowledge, have conversations about issues facing us and offering/getting genuine advice from real people. Since then, my blog has grown immensely. I now have a profile on Instagram which allows me to present myself and my business the right way.

Since the time I started, my business has grown immensely and have gotten a great appreciation for how well I managed my business account on Social media. This led to the setting up of my own social media agency. I have partnered up with a couple of my social media geek friends, and we aim to transform the world of marketing through social media. Our ideas are Increase Instagram Followers With These 10 Tips for Photographers ... bold, innovative and eye-catching.

We have helped businesses set up their social media accounts and manage them to help them achieve their marketing goals successfully. Our unique audience-focused approach has always helped to create path-breaking campaigns on social media. Our campaigns have been in the news for all the right reasons and this has helped our customers to reach their target much quicker than anticipated.

For those looking for information or help, I continue to write on my blog about a whole host of topics centered around businesses and how they can do well through social media. Take the time to go through the articles and feel free to leave your comments and feedback.