What Is Instagram And Why You Should Be A Part of It!

Instagram: Instagram is a mobile and computer based application that can be used to share your photos and videos on your page. These could be shared privately amongst a smaller group or publicly (which you see celebrities doing quite often). Not only is it limited to your Instagram account but you could simultaneously share them on other social media platforms as well. Instagram works like a Facebook or a twitter page where you have your profile and a news feed. It is a modified and simpler version of Facebook, the only difference being that the connections are visual here.

So, what can you do on Instagram?

You can follow someone or other people can follow you

You can like, comment, tag and message the people who "follow" you.

You can save a picture that you see on Instagram to your device.

Account Creation: Creating an account on Instagram is pretty much like creating a profile on Facebook. It is an introduction to you and hence take the pains to complete your profile. You can

Add a picture Put in a link to your website, especially if you are looking to use Instagram to bring people to your business. You can sign on using your Facebook account or an email address.

You will need a username and password which is what you will use to log in to the account in future. Giving a small description of yourself (if it is a personal account) or a bio of your business will allow people to know How to get more Instagram followers: 9 tips to becoming an overnight ... a bit about you before they click on the "follow" button.

The system will prompt you to follow your friends. While this can be done later as well, doing it at the time of creating the account can get you started straight away.

How to begin using your account:

Using Instagram is as simple as clicking a picture on your smartphone. Any device IOS or Android can be used to access and use Instagram. This is available for download free of cost. While users may also use computers, pictures and videos may be shared only through their devices.

The application uses the "followers" and "following" as the main concept. Once you sign up, you can begin by following friends and they will do the same for your page. How you proceed is as follows:

All user profiles will have a button that you can hit to follow their page.

User profiles can be set to public or private. When it is set to public, everyone and anyone can view your profile, pictures, and videos. However, when it is set to private, and you want to follow that person, they will have to approve your request before you can begin to follow their page. Typically, celebrities and businesses will have their privacy setting to public. More followers will only improve their popularity status.

In case you are a business that is looking to connect with your customers and bring in new customers, Instagram is a wonderful way to do that. Your account should have a description of your business, photographs, and videos that represent your business. It should have a link to your website so that the followers can be converted to customers at some point.

Most of the times, the problem that businesses face is getting likes on a picture or video that is shared. Typically, "followers" and "likes" have a deep connection. Once you have many followers, the likes increase and as the likes increase, the number of followers increase too. So, how can a business that is new to Instagram make this possible?

One way is to buy those "likes" which is a service offered by many websites these days. So, every time you upload a picture or a video, the system picks it up and triggers "likes" for them. For instance, https://instaswift.com/instagram-auto-likes.html offers a similar feature allowing business to generate interest about their products or services.

Instagram is about sharing and unlike Facebook, it is all about the visual aspect of it. It has taken this generation by storm and everybody we know are using it. It comes with huge benefits for businesses and people alike.